Jackie Chan on son's drug scandal: 'I would have beaten him to death'

20 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

It has been three months since Jaycee Chan was detained by the Beijing officials over his abuse of drugs. Jaycee’s father, Jackie Chan reportedly flew over to Beijing to understand the situation, but was not able to visit his son even till now.

Two nights ago, Jackie, Fan Bing Bing and Leo Ku were seen at Kowloon City in Hong Kong, filming Hollywood movie Skiptrace. Jackie did not shun the reporters and instead responded to questions about his son’s drug arrest.

Jackie said that he had not seen Jaycee since his arrest, and did not know when his trial would be scheduled, reports Asian Pop News.

Asked if he had known about Jaycee’s drug use, Jackie said, “I didn’t know. His mum didn’t know it either. If I knew about it, I would have beaten him to death! He is not a drug addict. He just did it for fun. He is too naive! He thought that there would not be any problems, but who knows, he got into trouble.”

Jackie believed that Jaycee would turn over a new leaf after learning from this lesson. Jackie said, “I believe he will be a new Jaycee after he returns. He will grow up.”

Jackie also said that his wife, Lin Feng-jiao was still affected by the case. “She still doesn’t want to see anyone, but she still has to accept it.”

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