Ivy to make comeback as a 'diva'

17 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Ivy will be returning as a sexy diva this time with her new comeback.On April 17, a rep from Ivy’s agency Polaris Entertainment told enews: "Ivy’s album will be the second part to her album Interview, released last year, and will contain four to five songs. The promotional single will be a dance piece, a shocking song the likes of which has never been sung by Ivy before."The rep added, "It will be like a present to those fans who have been looking forward to Ivy’s performances."Ivy had made her return with a ballad titled Broken Heart in April 2012, briefly turning from her sexy image for a while.For her upcoming album, however, she will be out to seduce. The album is currently 60 percent done.In the meantime, the singer has been cast as Molly Jensen for the musical Ghost, and will perform in musical for the third time from November.

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