It's not domestic violence -- Flora Chan reveals how she got those bruises on her face

25 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Flora Chan was spotted with bruises on her head, but she explained that she got it when she brought her daughter for cycling.

She said: "Knee pads and helmets were placed in the car and I planned to cycle together with my daughter.

"I forgot that I had opened the car door slightly and I hit the door when I bend down.

"It was extremely painful and my fingers were covered with blood all of a sudden.

"Fortunately, my daughter remained calm and I told her to ask her father to come over."

Flora's hubby immediately sent her to the hospital and found a cosmetic surgeon to stitch her wound.

When pointed out that there were rumours that the cause of her injury was due to family violence, Flora said with an agitated tone, "No such incident and I guess nobody will believe that. I do not think I need to tell everyone about my relationship and there is nothing for me to hide as well.

"Most importantly, my fans know I am fine and the main reason for appearing in this programme is to let everyone knows I am okay."

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