Isabella Leong shoots down rumours she pocketed 'break-up fee' from billionaire ex-BF

27 February 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Isabella Leong has shot down speculation that she received a hefty sum of money from billionaire ex-husband Richard Li in the aftermath of their split.

The Hong Kong actress left the entertainment scene in 2008 after she got together with Li and have three sons together with him. She is currently living with her children in Canada though she is making a comeback to the acting scene in a bid to raise her family on her own.

Which was why Leong was keen to play down the 'gold digger' label that was stuck onto her during her relationship with Li now.

She said in an Sina interview via Jaynestars: “I have been wanting to clarify this matter. What alimony or break up fee? There is no such thing.

"The relationship Richard and I have now is being parents [to our sons].

"He did not give me anything, but he has the responsibility to take care of the children. Now that I have a new beginning, I also want to be independent.

"While we will look after the children together in the future. I also want to earn money for the family.”

Isabella also refuted rumours that she has been on a dating spree since her split with Li.

She hopes to be a good role model, and is focused on caring for her sons -- the eldest is nicknamed Mao Mao, the older of the twins Squeaky and the youngest one Fat Pig -- and prioritizing their needs first.

She recalled an incident earlier, when her twins got mad at her for leaving them for work that they did not speak to her for some time.

Eventually, her sons understood that their mother needed to work.

Leong also hopes to avoid unwanted attention from the media and raise her children in as much privacy as possible, which explains why she chose to raise her sons in Canada due to its low-key lifestyle and long distance away from the media.

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