The interview about my ordeal in S'pore was falsified, says Yammie Lam

21 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

In the past year, it had been widely rumored that former actress Yammie Lam has had mental health issues.

Earlier, an interview that attributed quotes from her reported that over 20 years ago, there were two 'Big Brothers' in the film industry who raped her.

She didn't call the police and caused herself injuries both physically and mentally. It was said she tried to commit suicide several times.

However, when the press contacted Yammie, she expressed shock at the interview, reported TVB News World.

In a phone interview, Yammie said that she had read the report with the interview, but added: "I have never done that interview!"

She added that she has been wronged, and that she may initiate legal proceedings against the media outlet that ran the report.

But, the reporter who spoke to Yammie revealed that the latter admitted in the interview that she had been sexually assaulted, before quickly hanging up the call.

Yammie's friend Mary Yeung said on this issue: "I don't dare to comment, I don't want to offend anyone. (Does she have mental barriers because she was raped?) If so, then all women would have a barrier, but I don't know."

Astrid Chan, the secretary of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, offered support for Yammie. When asked if the association will intervene, she replied via SMS: "We had always handled situations only if the artist comes to ask for our assistance, then we will help."

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