INFINITE's Hoya shares clever solution to help man say 'I love you'

5 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

INFINITE‘˜s Hoya was praised by the MCs as well as the guests as he proposed a solution to a participant’s speech problems, earning the nickname of ‘˜problem solver’ on the show ‘˜Hello‘˜.AllKPop reported that on the February 4th episode, one of the participants revealed his struggle with a speech problem that didn’t allow him to say ‘˜I love you’ (saranghae ‘“ 사랑해) to his girlfriend, and may potentially cause him to give up his dream to become a Korean language teacher.The participant revealed that he has a problem with pronouncing the letter ‘˜ã„¹’, which is often described as a sound between ‘˜r’ and ‘˜l’. Although he’s able to pronounce it fine when the word starts with the letter, he is unable to say it properly when it comes in the middle of the word, even despite having gotten surgery on his tongue in attempts to fix the issue.Due to his problem he revealed that he is also unable to properly say the name of his favorite idol, KARA‘˜s Hara, for it sounds like ‘˜KAYAs Haya’ when he says it.In response, Hoya revealed his own experience as a trainee, when he had not been able to pronounce the letter ‘˜ã……’ (which sounds like the sound of ‘˜s’) properly, especially due to his dialect, and practiced consistently to prevent himself from getting cut from the group.While the set started to cast their votes about whether they thought the participant’s concern was something to really worry about, Hoya commented, “It’s not a problem in my opinion. If you try hard enough, you can fix it. I think if you put a bit of a pause in between the syllables when you talk, you’ll be able to do it since you said you have no problems with pronouncing the letter when it comes at the beginning of a word.‘The guest immediately tried out Hoya’s idea, and said ‘˜saranghae’ by putting a bit of a pause in between ‘˜sa’ and ‘˜ranghae’, and found out that he could pronounce the word without having it sound like ‘˜sayanghae’. When he asked cautiously, “Wouldn’t this be hard to do during everyday conversation?“, Hoya confidently advised that with practice, his pauses in between would get shorter. With his simple, yet completely effective solution, Hoya gained the applause of everyone on set with the MCs yelling out, “Wow, Hoya has solved his problem!‘, “Hoya is a problem solver!‘

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