'I don't know Vanessa Yeung': Bosco Wong's mum

4 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

There have been many negative rumours surrounding Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung since they opened up on their relationship. Bosco’s mother reportedly objected to their relationship and the mother and son were said to have quarrelled over this.

Bosco’s mother clarified that she had not quarrelled with him and she felt sorry that Bosco had to cope with the public pressure. Mrs Wong said that it did not matter how the public judged her but she would protect Bosco if anyone tried to harm him.

According to Ming Pao will Asian Pop News, earlier reports stated that Bosco had introduced Vanessa to his mother.

However, Mrs Wong clarified that she did not know Vanessa. She only recalled that she had met her once at Bosco’s oyster bar, and she left after saying hello to her. Mrs Wong also said that Bosco had never spoken to her about his new relationship.

“I know that he will introduce his girlfriend to me when they are stable. If he asks me, I will tell him about my opinions. If she is not suitable for him, I will tell him ‘It’s average only. Your personalities are not compatible.’ That girl will not appear again after that,” said Mrs Wong.

Vanessa has been hit by scandalous reports that said she was a third party that ruined other’s marriage and a gold digger who was after Bosco’s wealth. She was even rumoured to have a ten-year-old daughter. Will this affect Mrs Wong’s impression of her?

Mrs Wong replied, “I won’t criticise people that I don’t know. I’m just curious. Dating involves two persons. Why are there so many people scolding her? Is there any reason?”

When asked on the rumours that the couple had broken up, Mrs Wong said that Bosco did not mentioned to her as he will only announce good news and keep bad news from her.

Seeing that Bosco is facing tremendous stress from the public, Mrs Wong tries to encourage him by telling him, “After you graduate and join TVB, there are many people who dote on you and help you. You have never experienced any big storm and have limited life experience.

"You are too trusting. You have to learn to grow up. Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to fall down. At least, you are able to stand up again. You will grow wiser. This is better than if you were to fall into the sea one day. Who will save you then?"

Bosco Wong
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