HyunA collapses with high fever

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

4minute member HyunA was sent to the hospital after collapsing while suffering from a high fever.

A representative from Cube Entertainment was quoted as saying on Jpopasia: "HyunA is in the hospital because she collapsed due to a high fever before her activities.

It looks like a case of high fever and dehydration due to overworking.

She's currently in the hospital and is receiving an IV treatment.

She will undergo a more detailed check-up, and we'll get the full results tomorrow.

"Since her health is the most important, we're going to have to adjust her schedule.

"4minutes is currently promoting their new single "What's Your Name?".

The course of the group's activities will depend on HyunA's condition.
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