Huang Xiaoming opens up about his love life and Angelababy

28 February 2015 / 2 years 2 months ago

In the upcoming period drama, Cruel Romance <錦繡緣·華麗冒險>, mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) portrays Zuo Zhen, a powerful and feared business leader who nevertheless reveals a soft side when faced with his love interest.

In a recent interview, Xiaoming shared about how he relates to his character and how his real-life girlfriend, Angelababy (楊穎), changed the way he displays his love in public, reports Jayne Stars.

Cruel Romance, which will air on Hunan Satellite TV starting March 3, is the story of Rong Jinxiu (Joe Chen 陳喬恩), a beautiful and kind country girl who finds herself ensnared in the turbulent world of 1930s Shanghai.

She catches the eye of Zuo Zhen (Huang Xiaoming), who risks life and limb in order to protect her and win her heart.

Though Zuo Zhen outwardly appears cold-hearted, he does show warmth to those closest to him – a trait that Huang Xiaoming says he shares. In one memorable scene, Zuo Zhen is standing outside Jinxiu’s residence, holding a pastry and waiting for her to return.

Later, he is shown preparing a meal for Jinxiu. In Xiaoming’s eyes, small actions like these speak the loudest.

“You don’t have to do something monumental to touch someone,” said Xiaoming, who added that on this past Valentine’s Day, he too cooked for Angelababy. “Sometimes, it’s your intent that’s the most important, and every detail of your life can display this intent.”

Happy to Bravely Love Angelababy

Since going public with Angelababy last year on February 28, which happened to be her 25th birthday, Huang Xiaoming says he is now able to be more genuine with the public.

“The reason I didn’t talk about [my relationships] before is because I felt that they would affect my work,” he explained. “After a few years, I discovered that people now don’t even care about such things. What they like more is candidness.”

Xiaoming credits Angelababy for “changing [his] way of thinking” and helping him be more straightforward with fans. “It’s very joyful when you can bravely love a person without fearing what other people think of you,” he remarked.

As for the constant question of when he and Angelababy are planning to tie the knot, Xiaoming has his own plans. “Right now, I hope to spend more time with my family and lover. If there is happy news on the horizon, I will definitely let everyone know.”

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