Huang Xiaoming lovestruck by Vicki Zhao's big eyes and white skin

15 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Huang Xiaoming recently revealed that he has been enamoured by Vicki Zhao Wei's big eyes and white skin since his school days.Xiaoming revealed his feelings during the premiere press conference of American Dreams in China.Speaking of his school days, Huang Xiaoming revealed that "Vicki Zhao Wei was the Su Mei of my life". He said, "Zhao Wei with her big eyes and white skin struck me right away. "Later on when we performed together in a play, Zhao Wei curiously asked, 'Xiaoming is so nervous, your face is twitching'." Huang Xiaoming joked that he would be very shy in front of a woman he liked. Asked if he was as blown away as he was in the film, Huang Xiaoming coyly replied, "Take a guess?"

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