Huang Wenyong came to S'pore with 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants and $50

29 April 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Slightly more than a week after veteran TV actor Huang Wenyong died of lymphoma at age 60, he was honoured with a posthumous award at the start of MediaCorp's annual Star Awards Show 2 on Sunday night.

According to a report on The Straits Times Online his wife and daughter took the stage to accept the Honorary TV Award, the first award of the night, in front of a packed Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater audience of actors and fans, all of whom were on their feet.

Huang's daughter, Nicole Huang Mei En, 21, related that he had come to Singapore from Malaysia in the 1970s with only two shirts, two pairs of pants and $50.

She added: "He is closer to us now more than ever because he lives in our hearts now and that is eternal.

"Before the guest of honour, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong, presented the award, actress Xiang Yun, 51, read out the lyrics of 1986 drama series Samsui Women's theme song while a violinist played the theme of 1984's The Awakening.

"A light whisper and the autumn wind send me on my way," she said.

Both dramas starred Huang, Singapore's first Chinese TV drama star, in leading roles.

Another standing ovation for Huang closed the Star Awards when he was named among the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, for only the second time in his, 30-year career.

Xiang Yun, who had starred as his romantic interest in The Awakening among other dramas, accepted the award on his behalf.

MediaCorp also announced that all proceeds from the calls to support Huang for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes and the sales of limited-edition DVDs of Huang's shows will go to HCA Hospice Care.

This was in honour of the late actor's contributions to charity while he was alive.

A few actors also paid tribute to Huang when accepting their awards.

Best Supporting Actor winner Tay Ping Hui, 41, for the cop drama Unriddle 2, said: "My only regret is that Wenyong dage (big brother) is not here to share this award with us.

"Huang had also been nominated for the award, for his role as a greedy, loudmouthed chef in the period drama Joys Of Life.

Actor Christopher Lee, 41, who won his second Best Actor prize, for playing an ex-convict in the gambling drama Show Hand, was emotional at the podium.

Referring to Huang, he said: "We really need to cherish the people around us because human life is very fragile.

"He could not attend the wake and funeral last week as he was filming in Taiwan.

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