How Sojung figured out fellow members were dead despite it being kept secret

8 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Polaris Entertainment revealed to Newsen that Ladies’ Code’s Sojung has been making a quick recovery, following a successful surgery for facial fractures on September 5. Polaris stated that she is able to speak and even get up and move around on her own.

Upon regaining her consciousness, Sojung is said to have apologized saying, “’What do I do, I can’t go to our schedules. I’m sorry.’”

It was also revealed that Sojung was aware of EunB’s passing prior to her surgery, reports a Soompi article.

Although friends and family had decided to not let her know until after her surgery, seeing agency employees and family members around dressed for mourning, and seeing the news on her phone, she had figured out what had happened.

This disputed reports by Dispatch, who said that Sojung had been clueless about her friends' deaths. She apparently asked Polaris staff, "Why is everyone coming to visit me all in black?”

An agency representative said, “She had a really hard time when she found out and cried a lot, but Ashley and Zuny were right there with her. The three are doing their best to cope with the situation, and are a great source of comfort for each other

"Sojung will be remaining in hospital and will be receiving treatment for some time longer.”

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