How Mike Kasem celebrated his first CNY with GF

16 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Mike Kasem (back row, second from left) celebrates his first Chinese New Year with girlfriend Mindy Chia (front row, second from left) and her family.

This year was the first time DJ Mike Kasem celebrated Chinese New Year.

According to an article in The New Paper, it is also the first time that he met girlfriend Mindy Chia's family after almost a year of dating.

So what does an "ang moh" do?

Research, practice, research and more practice.

He still ended up calling Miss Chia's grandmother "ah huat" instead of "Ah Ma" before quickly correcting himself.

The phrase Miss Chia was trying to teach him was "Ah Ma gong xi fa cai, huat huat ah!" (Mandarin for "Grandmother, here's wishing you prosperity and good luck").

Kasem still managed to charm her family at her grandmother's house last Friday, the first day of Chinese New Year, because the old lady saw the humour in the situation and laughed it off.

He said: "Mindy was definitely worried about how that would go, but it turned out well.

"I did my research about Chinese New Year so I knew I had to wear something colourful, thus I chose a pink shirt and blue pants.

"I also received my first hongbao - in fact, I got so many of them.

"It was hilarious when some of the younger, married relatives had to give Uncle Mike hongbao. I am almost twice their age."

For the full story, pick up a copy of The New Paper today.

Photos: TNP

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