How Linda Chung and Joe Ma are doing after explosion scene gone wrong

3 October 2013 / 3 years 3 weeks ago

Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) were injured while filming the final explosive scene for Tiger Cubs 2 < 飛虎Ⅱ> on September 29. Despite the pain, the two were concerned about the filming schedule and returned to complete the scene after resting for only 20 minutes.

While Linda suffered only minor scrapes, Joe was ordered to stay overnight at the hospital and later discovered that he had torn two ligaments. Cleared to go home the next day, Joe was thankful that he did not suffer major damage though he appeared disappointed about possibly having to withdraw from his upcoming projects.

Joe and Linda were shooting one of the final scenes for Tiger Cubs 2 on yesterday, reports an article on Oriental Daily via Jayne Stars.

In the scene, villain Nancy Wu (胡 定欣) plots to seek revenge and hangs Linda high up in the air. Joe arrives to rescue Linda. After retrieving her, Joe carries Linda in his arms and runs quickly away from an explosion. Joe unfortunately lost his balance during the escape, dropping Linda onto the ground and landing on his right hand.

Recalling the accident, Joe said, “Maybe I was affected by the air pressure after the blast, I naturally leaned forward. I didn’t want Linda to suffer further injuries so I shifted my center of gravity to my shoulder. I was injured when I landed on my hand!”

As it was the very last day of filming, both Joe and Linda decided to stay on the set to complete the scene despite immense pain. Afterwards they were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Joe remained in the hospital overnight and was released the next morning. When asked about his injuries, Joe explained that the doctors performed a MRI scan and determined that he had torn two ligaments of his right AC joint.

“The doctor said that I tore two out of three ligaments. If all three were torn then I could easily dislocate the joint and may require surgery….” While an unfortunate accident, Joe feels lucky that there was no bone damage. He was prescribed medicine and physical therapy, and was told to limit the range of motion of his right arm for the next two months.

Although Joe is grateful that his injuries can be easily treated, he seemed disappointed about having to miss out on his upcoming projects. Scheduled to film in China on October 5, Joe may have to delay or even withdraw from the production due to his long recovery time.

Linda, who suffered from scrapes on her palms, elbows, and thigh, was discharged from the hospital on the same day.

She later posted a photo of herself receiving treatment at the emergency room. With both hands and elbows wrapped in gauze, Linda formed a victory sign and smiled for the camera, reassuring fans that she is okay. On Weibo, she wrote, “Don’t worry everyone. I am safe. I’m okay! I will recovery very soon.”

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