How Jay Chou avoided answering questions about his baby daughter

22 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Taiwanese male singer, Jay Chou's wife, Hannah Quinlivan gave birth to a baby daughter on 10 July and she is currently recuperating her health at home.

A few days ago, Jay attended Mainland China programme, The Voice of China as a mentor and accepted netizens' interviews on Weibo.

Many netizens were interested to know about his daughter but Jay evaded the questions, reports Asian E-News Portal.  

When another asked if his injured finger affected his ability to change diapers for his daughter, Jay also rejected answering it:  "Much better and I can type LOL, ha!"

Someone then asked Jay if he will open his own Weibo and he replied not at the moment, while another asked if he felt nervous about being a mentor during The Voice of China. Jay said: "Yes for first recording and able to concentrate subsequently."

However, Jay's good friend, Will Liu accepted an interview from Taiwan media five days ago. He replied that he would see Jay at the confinement home every month and stayed there for almost 24 hours to accompany Hannah. 

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