How did Charmaine Sheh carry ice bags with a bad back? Here's the secret

24 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Despite her old herniated disc, Charmaine Sheh recently carried 30 pounds worth of ice while running in a scene for The Apostle. 

Earlier, Charmaine had taken several weeks off from work to see a chiropractor to and treat her spinal injury.

Even though she is technically still in rehabilitation, she was determined to continue filming, even if it meant potentially straining her back.

For The Apostle, she had refused the use of a stunt double for a scene where she had to run while carrying three bags of ice.

There is a secret behind this scene however -- the ice used was fake, and weighed a lot less than the real deal. 

This allowed her to carry the bags, though she admits she still struggled a bit.

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