Host Jacky Wu embroiled in physical assault case against undergraduate

22 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Taiwanese famed host, Jacky Wu was embroiled in an physical assault case involving an university undergraduate two days before Chinese New Year.According to an article in Asian Pop News, on February 8, 2013, Jacky was having supper at a noodle house with Elvia Hsiao, Kai Ko and Cheryl Yang after celebrating a friend’s birthday. An undergraduate, Chen Yufeng with his group of friends were also eating at the noodle house at around 5 am.According to the statement by Chen Yufeng, his couple friends started to quarrel and Jacky tried to be the peacemaker, pulling his male friend out of the shop.After finishing their supper, Yufeng’s friend offered to pay for Jacky’s meal as he felt that the quarrelling had disrupted Jacky and his friends. After paying for the bill, the group of university students left.However, Yufeng’s friend left his wallet at the shop and returned to pick it. After returning to the shop, Yufeng’s friend began to chat endlessly with Jacky again.As Yufeng was impatient after the long waiting, he dashed into the shop and told his friend off, “I am going to flare up if you are still not leaving!‘ Jacky reportedly was unhappy and said to Yufeng, “Hey! Hey! A young man should not be that rash!‘Besides asking him out of the shop, Yufeng claimed that Jacky also hurled vulgarities towards him and hit him with his fist. The 23-year-old’s lip was wounded and his friends came to his rescue. Yufeng also claimed that Cheryl Yang threatened him and said, “Do not blow up this matter! Quickly leave this place!‘Yufeng was sent to a hospital by an ambulance whereas Jacky proceeded to the hospital himself to assess his injuries. It is understood that Yufeng has already sought help from a legislator’s office and intends to sue Jacky for physical assault.

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