HK actors in China to continue working there despite bird flu outbreak

5 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

The outbreak of a variant of the bird flu, H7N9, in mainland China is quickly spreading. Five deaths linked to the flu virus have been reported in Shanghai and Zhejiang province as of today.However, artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan, who are currently working in mainland, are not planning to evacuate the area just yet, reported Popular Asians.Instead, the likes of Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Angelababy, Bernice Liu, Chapman To, and Rose Chan keep themselve abreast of developments there and shared their prevention strategies.Raymond revealed that he will use plenty of disinfectant. “Can’t worry much about it. The only way is to wash hands frequently, bring along a disinfectant, and pay close attention to the epidemic changes.‘Bosco, who is also busy working in mainland, said, “I don’t really go outside. For meals, I buy some food and cook it myself.‘ Is he giving up on poultry? “I avoid it whenever I can! I’m only working until April 10, so I don’t need to return to Hong Kong early on purpose.‘Angelababy has recently arrived in Hengdian to film for a new drama. Angelababy expressed, “I pay close attention to news regarding the bird flu, and take prevention measures. I took vitamins and wear a face mask.‘Filming in mainland for two months already, Bernice expressed, “My family sent me some Hong Kong news reports. Now I’m using disinfectant to wash my hands. I wear a face mask whenever I don’t need to film.‘ Will she return to Hong Kong early to avoid the bird flu? “I don’t know when the filming will finish yet. I’m returning at once when it’s done!‘Chapman said, “I’ve promised Mani Fok (霍汶希) earlier that I would participate in a charity game show for a television station. The higher we score on the games, the more money the Emperor Foundation will donate. In addition, even the doctors said that eating chicken is not a problem. So I understand that it’s okay to continue eating chicken, just not being called a chicken!‘Rose attended the commemoration of 10 years of SARS in Hong Kong yesterday. “I have a friend in Shanghai who said [the flu] is spreading, and to avoid eating chicken or pork.When buying food, one should go to the supermarket. I don’t have work in mainland China at the moment. I will be careful dining up north; I will bring along canned food if I have to.‘In addition, the cast and crew of TVB’s Super Trio Series will head to Tokyo and Southeast Asia to film in order to avoid the bird flu in mainland China.

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