Him Law was shocked after being told that he had to wear this

14 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Artiste Him Law and Leanne Li had location shooting for new series, Trendsetters in Kowloon Bay.

Him wore transparent role costume but it was covered by a thick coat instead, reports Asian E-News Portal.

When asked if he felt it was a pity not to show his muscles, Him said:

"We must respect the design from designer and not Show Off all the time. It is better to have mysterious feeling. (Show it to girlfriend, Tavia Yeung Show it to myself only."

He admitted he was shocked when trying the transparent top and praised other male models were muscular.

Asked if he was afraid of losing to them, Him said: "I am indeed losing when seeing them in real person."

Man must build their foundation first

Him expressed he felt comfortable for having less location shooting when filming Trendsetters series.

When mentioned his girlfriend, Tavia praised studios in TVB had good facilities which allowed them to see each other despite separate filming, Him said:

"You (reporters) should understand the designs in TVB. It is very simple as able to see each other while eating or in make-up room.

(Buying property?) We have many tasks including buying property in our life and let's take one step at a time. Hope to complete my work assignments this year.

(Keep viewing it?) Nope, only once and one needs some luck to buy property.

(Preparing marriage proposal?) It depends on fate but work remains the priority as it represents the man's achievements and necessary to build the foundation."

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