Hilary Duff does tough pilates and works hard to lose baby weight

14 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Stars Daily DishHillary Duff has been working hard to get back into her pre-baby wieght. Recently, as an attempt to show off her progress she tweeted a picture of a difficult pilates move.In the picture, Hilary's trainer is helping her bend over backwards. To keep her stable, Hilary's feet are in stirrups. She also thanked her trainer and credited her with her success.Unlike other celebrity moms, Hilary Duff was not worried about immediately losing her baby weight.While geting back to her pre-pregnancy size was important to her, the singer and actress wanted to do it in a safe and healthy way."The actress also tweeted a picture comparing her pregnancy pants to her current weight, celebrating how much she had lost.She noted that it took nine months for her to gain that weight, so she should not be in such a hurry to take it off.Photos 1-7 show Hilary Duff, while the remaining photos show amazing transformations from fat to fit.

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