Here's what pretty Karena Ng is willing to do for her career

4 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

It was the first time that Raymond Lam's girlfriend, Karena Ng, was working together with Jenny, in the movie.

As Jenny came from the modelling background and had less acting experience, she expressed her wish to learn more things from her senior.

Jenny is currently single and when asked if she prayed for any romance luck during Lunar New Year, she said:

"I did pray for every year and not only New Year."

Standing beside her, Karena said: "Perhaps she should try not to pray this year and her prince charming might appear. We should let nature takes course."

Wishes to film movie based on a real story

When asked about her plans for Goat year, Karena expressed that she has been filming comedy movies and wished to try different roles:

"I wish to film a movie based on a real story. Western movies have different themes such as commercial and artistic.

(Would you act as an ugly woman?) It does not matter and not that difficult after all.

"In fact, we look ugly when getting up from the bed without any make-up. The audiences look at the acting skills and not the appearance."

As for Jenny, she hopes to film an action movie.

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