Here's the ridiculous thing S'pore duo BY2 were made to do to prove they haven't had a nose job

11 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Taiwan-based Singaporean pop duo BY2, comprised of twin sisters Miko and Yumi, are getting swept up by plastic surgery allegations.

Although the sisters, who debuted seven years ago when they were only sixteen years old, are not new to these rumors, their most recent appearances have brought up the topic again, leading to debates on several online communities. 

Netizens noted that the twins have been looking more and more different from each other and that their faces do not look natural anymore.

One netizen remarked that Yumi did the most plastic surgery, and her facial features now look completely stiff, reports Jayne Stars.

At their most recent public appearance, the twins were asked to comment on their plastic surgery allegations.

They said they “have nothing to say” on the matter, and will face the rumors with a regular mindset. They added that their appearances will be judged no matter what they do.

Yumi then explained, “People usually get prettier and prettier because we can enhance our features with improved makeup techniques and other products.”

To prove that they did not get a nose job, the girls were asked to push their noses up. Yumi declined to do it, expressing that her sister should do it instead.

Looking helpless, Miko then lightly pushed at the front of her nose. Yumi then said, “Because we are twins, we are the same.”

Browse through the gallery to see how much their looks have changed over the years.

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