Here's a list of what went wrong at Jade Seah's wedding

8 February 2015 / 2 years 4 months ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
8 February 2015

She may have made it down the aisle over the weekend, but Jade Seah's wedding was not without its share of hiccups.

To begin with, the local actress-host, who married Mr Terence Lim last Saturday, was 15 minutes late for her morning wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes church, which 300 guests attended.

Speaking to The New Paper, Seah, 31, said with a laugh: "I just didn't realise everything took longer than expected. We took one to two hours for hair and make-up and I forgot that we had to take photos too. All that takes time."

She added: "I felt quite 'kan cheong' (Hokkien for anxious) in the car when we were stuck in traffic and I knew we were going to be late. I started singing songs as I didn't want to spoil the mood. If I complained, it would have ruined everyone's mood."

After the church wedding, the couple hosted a lunch reception at the Singapore Swimming Club where she had a dance each with her father and her new husband, 31.

The outspoken Seah even ended up as an impromptu emcee for part of the event when she grabbed the microphone and introduced her friends who were going to give speeches.

She did not hire an official emcee in order to "keep it chill", she explained.

In the evening, Seah experienced some drama during her wedding dinner at Chijmes Hall.

She lost her headpiece right before the banquet, which was attended by 150 guests, and it had everyone scrambling to look for it.

"I was holding it in my hand, but I must have dropped it on my way from the car to the make-up room. I did freak out a little bit," she said.

"Everyone around me was so stressed and I thought I was going to walk in without my headpiece. My cousin was going to make a makeshift one for me on the spot."

Thankfully, Seah's mother had her prayers answered when a security guard picked up the shiny accessory and handed it back to her in the nick of time.


Seah said: "My mum said I shortened her life and luckily, I'm her only daughter."

On her vintage-looking lace wedding gown, she said: "I don't like stuff that's too uncomfortable, so strapless and corset-style dresses were out. No mermaid cuts either as I don't have the figure for it."

For her dinner frock, Seah did not want anything "too poofy" or a dress that made her feel like she was going to the prom.

She ended up with a 1920s-inspired gown with tassels and beads, which swung around as she danced.

Seah and Mr Lim, a former national swimmer who now works in the finance industry, had been dating for more than three years when he popped the question about a year ago.

Reflecting on her big day, Seah recalled another moment which showed how disorganised she is.

She had packed all her wedding essentials such as nipple tape and more in her bag, but could not seem to find them on the day itself.

She said: "It turned out that they were all in another compartment in my bag and I forgot. My resolution for 2015 is definitely to be more organised. This wedding just showed me how all over the place I am."

The newlyweds are back at work now and in no rush to go on a honeymoon.

But Seah does have a dream destination in mind: South Africa.

"I like safaris and exciting stuff like that, but he is not that adventurous. So I think South Africa is a good balance," she said.

"We are also considering Egypt, Central America or South America. There are so many places, we are still deciding."

As for children, she joked: "I already had an SG50 wedding! I have never been in a rush to get married or have kids. I always believe that things will happen when they happen."

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