Hebe Tien raises eyebrows with latest comments about future partners

5 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Hebe Tien celebrated her 32nd birthday with her S.H.E. bandmates, Selina Jen and Ella Chen two days ago. The group had booked a Japanese restaurant for the birthday party.

Selina arrived first at the venue with her husband, Richard Chang. After 30 minutes, Hebe was spotted entering the restaurant and Ella and her husband arrived shortly after.

After the birthday celebration, Hebe was asked about her birthday wish. She said, “I hope everyone can be healthy and happy.”

She declined to respond on the gifts she received from bandmaters, but said that she appreciated their time together. She also hoped that Ella’s new album would do well.

Hebe also revealed that Selina was very emotional when she was drunk. “Selina cried and said she loved us. Ella was good at hyping the party.”

Selina and Ella are married, whereas Hebe is the only member who is still single. JJ Lin has once professed his love for her at his concert, but the duo did not progress further. Hebe was also once rumoured with her female assistance, who was also present at the party.

When asked if she preferred a male or female partner, Hebe responded, “In this 2015 world, does it really matter if one likes a male or female?”

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Hebe Tien
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