Hawick Lau turning vegetarian for 3 years to bless wife and daughter?

22 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Yang Mi reportedly is expecting a baby girl after Hawick Lau slipped out the gender of their baby during a interview.

Two days ago, Hawick announced that Yang Mi is three months pregnant and they will welcome their first baby in July.

During a recent interview, Hawick expressed that after learning about Yang Mi’s pregnancy, he was so excited that he nearly jumped into a river. At that time, there were speculations about Yang Mi’s pregnancy.

However, Hawick had to be tight-lipped as he was instructed by the elders to comply the Chinese custom of announcing the pregnancy after three months, reports Asian Pop News.

The overjoyed father-to-be hinted about the baby gender when he revealed that he preferred girls . Realising that he may have said the wrong words, he hurriedly clarified, “Most fathers will prefer girls. The gender does not matter as long as the child is healthy.”

Hawick is currently filming Lady and the Liar <千金女贼> in Shanghai. The producer of the series, Chen Yushan accidentally disclosed that Hawick will turn vegetarian for three years so that his “wife and daughter” will be blessed.

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