Hawick Lau splurges on luxury condo - and even invites parents to live with him

30 May 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Although Hawick Lau suffered a slow-growing career during his early days in TVB in the 1990s, he has found immense success with his career in Mainland China.

Also a successful television producer, Hawick earned millions last year alone.

Recently splurging $59.8 million HKD on a luxury condo, Hawick invited his parents to move in, reports Jayne Stars.

Marrying Mainland star Yang Mi last year, Hawick was blessed with a baby girl.

During Yang Mi’s last trimester of pregnancy, she moved into Hawick’s parents’ apartment in Hong Kong.

Hawick’s mother took care of Yang Mi during her postpartum recovery. Although tabloids reported that Yang Mi is a difficult daughter-in-law, Hawick clarified that the family gets along well together.

Due to the couple’s busy work schedule and frequent filming projects in China, they asked Hawick’s parents to help raise the baby in Hong Kong.

Hoping to offer more comfortable living arrangements for everyone, Hawick and Yang Mi splurged on a 2400-square feet condo in Po Shan Mansions located in the prestigious Mid-Levels district.

Records indicate that the condo was purchased in May for $59.8 million HKD, an all-time high price for the residential complex.

When Hawick’s father Lau Dan was asked if he was concerned whether the entry price was too high, he said that the home is for the family to live in and not an investment property.

Extremely happy over Hawick’s success, Lau Dan said he and his wife will be living with his son and daughter-in-law. Indicating that he will help babysit and play with his granddaughter, Lau Dan said,

"We’ve already moved in. They are exhausted.”

Additional renovations to the condo will be made later.

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