Hawick Lau snatched Yang Mi's dad's most prized asset away

12 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

A month after their million dollar wedding ceremony in Bali, Hawick Lau (刘恺威) and Yang Mi (楊冪) are already back at work, filming for Lady and the Liar <千金女贼> and Tiny Times 3.0 <小时代3> respectively. Although they have yet to embark on their honeymoon, newly-wedded Hawick is full of marital bliss even while at work.

A good-spirited Hawick was waving hello and making silly faces at his fans on the set of Lady and the Liar earlier this week. Commenting on his triad leader role in the drama, Hawick said, “Bai Zhengqing is an invincible wolf. His every action will influence the whole of Shanghai. He’s a legendary figure. I am in love with this character.”

At that time, Hawick has just finished filming a fighting scene with his arch rival. Although Hawick looked vicious in the scene, he returned to good spirits the moment the camera stopped. He alluded his good mood to the congratulatory greetings he receives at work every day.

Although Hawick remained evasive about Yang Mi’s pregnancy, he was excited when recalling his wedding, reports an article on Jayne Stars.

“I am very close to Yang Mi’s father. He is a man who loves to joke around. On that day, when I saw how serious he looked when he passed me Yang Mi’s hand, I had the feeling that I have snatched his most precious asset away and I felt heartbroken for them then.” To show gratitude to his father-in-law, Hawick is now a very obedient and attentive husband.

Even at work, Hawick’s mind is constantly thinking about Yang Mi. Fortunately, their filming sets were within driving distance, allowing the couple to see each other every day. Hawick said, “It’s usually me who visits her because her filming duration is longer than mine.”

It was reported that Yang Mi’s due date will be in July. Hawick clarified that Yang Mi is not carrying twins, as previously reported. He remained secretive about the baby’s gender, “Many fathers seem to prefer daughters, but I like both boys and girls.”

Reflecting in his soon-to-be father status, Hawick said, “My identity has changed. Yes, I need to take on [the responsibilities] of life. Marriage, kids…one step at a time.”

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