Haters say they will leak Sire Ma's erotic photos -- unless she does this

12 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

After a scandal involving a leaked intimate video, Sire bravely stepped out of her shell and returned to work in Hong Kong.

However, Sire recently received a series of online verbal abuse and threats, demanding her to quit the entertainment circle. She had no choice but to alert the police, reports Jayne Stars.

Initially, Sire tried to ignore the rude remarks left on her Weibo blog. Unfortunately, the messages escalated to extreme cyber bullying where some posters threatened to reveal Sire’s private messages and photos to expose her flirtatious and erotic nature to the public. In the suggestive messages, Sire allegedly mentioned Ron Ng (吳卓羲).

Sire Takes Legal Action Against Anonymous Threats

As the situation got out of hand, Sire alerted the police. Sire wrote on her Weibo blog, “I’ve received harassing messages and threats through different Weibo accounts. They also said they would reveal made-up Weibo private messages by me. I didn’t want to care, but this harassment and fabrication is affecting my colleagues as well as myself. I can’t help but to take action. This will be handled by the police and my lawyer. Here, I want to apologize to those who have been dragged into this situation!”

Apparently, the threats and inappropriate remarks have been going on for an entire year. Although she has learned to become stronger, Sire would have ignored the messages if they did not negatively affect her friends.

TVB Supports Sire’s Actions

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) expressed his support and fully backed Sire on how she handled the matter.

Producer Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲) said he would not drop Sire from With or Without You<東坡家事>. Wong stressed the importance of Sire’s character in the drama. “She is already done filming half of the drama and this issue won’t affect her performance. We will not switch actresses. We aren’t worried about her safety because the outdoor scenes are filmed on company property. If someone wants to come in and bother her, they wouldn’t be able to get in anyway.”

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