Hate club targets K-pop hopeful accused of beating up and stealing from classmates

10 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

One of the standout performers from last week's episode of SBS's audition program 'K-Pop Star 3', Kim Eun Joo, is in hot water after many netizens claimed that she had an unsavory past, according to a new report from Sports World.

According to an anonymous commenter who claimed to be Kim Eun Joo's classmate, she had been forced to transfer to another school the previous year after being part of a bullying clique and engaging in hitting fellow students and stealing money, among other allegations.
Her anti-cafe is home to over 3,800 netizens and many have spoken out demanding her removal from the program. SBS has yet to respond to these allegations, with the latest episode of 'K-Pop Star 3' passing without a mention.
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