Has Joey Wang's career ground to a halt in Canada?

5 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

It looks like 46-year-old Joey Wang career is languishing in Canada, despite fans' hopes that she would return for a comeback soon.

With many screen goddesses returning to acting  in recent years, some are hoping that Joey, whose career reached its peak in the 80's, might be tempted to have a comeback too.

According to HKtopten, it had earlier been reported that a fashion label had offered her over HK$500,000 to return to Hong Kong to appear at an event.

She also supposedly had film offers, but nothing has come of those.

Pictures of the star still appear on the Weibo accounts of fans. She was last spotted two days ago at a shopping center in Vancouver.

Looking calm and serene as she does, it  does not appear that a comeback is in the works any time soon for her.

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