Ha Ji Won received psychiatric treatment after filming horror movie

6 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Actress Ha Ji Won shed tears as she spoke about having to seek psychiatric help after filming the movie ‘˜Sector 7.’On an episode of SBS’s ‘˜Thank You,’ guests Lee Moon Sae, Seo Hee Tae, Ha Ji Won, and Lee Hi had a candid discussion, reports AllKpop.During the show, Ha Ji Won said, “After filming ‘˜Sector 7’ I received psychiatric help. I could not break away from my character. In the movie ‘˜Sector 7’ the monster dies, and all the people I love die and I am the only one left alive and for some reason I could not break away from the pain of that character for quite some time.‘“After the conclusion of ‘˜Sector 7’ I needed to go in for the script reading for ‘˜Secret Garden‘˜, but I could not break away from my character on ‘˜Sector 7’ so the entire script reading was a mess. I knew I could not do it alone so I sought out professional help,‘ the actress shared amongst tears.Ha Ji Won also said, “I don’t think I’m a fun person. I get very invested to my character and when the project ends, I realize just how boring the real Ha Ji Won is. So even when I am on a break I purposefully try to be more busy.‘We are glad Ha Ji Won was able to find help for herself, otherwise we may never have been able to watch the amazing chemistry between her and Hyun Bin in ‘˜Secret Garden’. For those who, haven’t watched Sector 7, check out this preview of the action thriller.

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