Guess who's on 'Taxi'? It's the Terminator

27 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

You'll never believe who made an appearance on Korea's 'Taxi' -- none other than the Terminator himself.The former governer of California Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as a guest on the February 25th broadcast of tvN’s ‘˜Taxi.’According to a report on, Schwarzenegger said, “Before I appeared on the show, I watched a few episodes of the ‘˜Taxi’ that was sent to me.‘Â Â Hosts Kim Gu Ra and Jun Hyun Moo were surprised and said, “You watched our show?  Thank you.  Since you watched the show, what did you think about it?‘Schwarzenegger smiled and said, “It is fantastic, very casual. It’s very entertaining and funny. It was a show unlike any other that I have seen. It is a new and unique concept.  There is no show like this in America.‘The only words that MC Kim Gu Ra seemed to understand was “New concept,‘ and so he kept repeating those words happily during the segment.

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