Guess who's the real PSY in this 2002 photo

29 July 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

You'll take awhile to find the real PSY in this 2002 photo -- and even then you might not be right.

World star Psy is supported by some unique fans just like him, and we mean just like him.

According to AllKpop via Nate, a picture of Psy's fan club back in 2002 is receiving quite the attention today. The above picture was shared on an online community board with the title, "Psy's fan club picture in 2002."

The picture showed Psy taking a picture surrounded by numerous male fans. At a first glance, it's almost dificult to pick out Psy from the crowd because all of his fans share very similar features as the singer.

As the picture spread online, viewers commented things like, "He must have multiplied", "Who's Psy", "Finding Psy, so funny", and "I bursted out laughing the moment I saw this."

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