Grace Chan scared speechless by 'uninvited guest' on movie set

15 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Last year's Miss HK pageant winner Grace Chan was recently spotted with Louis Cheung, filming for TVB's new series "Four Girls, Three Bars".

The two appeared at Central to film the outdoor scenes. In between, a security guard came out to assess the situation and even told them to quickly wrap up their filming and leave.

When each person went to their positions and were prepared to film, a mouse suddenly appeared at the scene, running up and down.

Louis immediately spotted the mouse but to avoid alerting Grace, he deliberately acted as if nothing happened and continued to film the scene.

As for the mouse, it wasn't frightened by the big filming crew, but actually crawled closer and closer.

It even played jogging around near where Grace and Louis were, reports ON.CC.

At this point, Grace was suddenly frightened by the "uninvited guest" and became speechless.

But she maintained her poise and didn't make a scene, and her reaction was considered to be calm.

After that, she went into her position to film, and her attitude was exceptionally professional.

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