Goo Hara reveals pictures of herself after surgery

4 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

The before and after surgery photos of Kara‘˜s Goo Hara became an issue among bloggers.Recently, Goo Hara revealed the photo of herself while recovering from the surgery. She initially tweeted a message for her fans, “I am okay. Kamilia. Thank you for being so concerned with my health. My hand is swollen.‘In the photo, the singer is seen resting and lying on a hospital bed while wearing a stripped patient gown. With her earphones plugged into her ears, she flashes an okay sign with herhands to fans.Allkpop first reported that on January 31, Goo Hara was admitted to the hospital with sudden acute appendicitis. Currently, she is recovering in a hospital in Seoul. Fans were concerned for the singer after seeing her swollen face and hand.Worried with her health, bloggers commented, “I hope she is okay now,‘ “Her before and after pictures look so different‘ and “Don’t be sick. Gey Well!‘Check out the gallery for additional photos of Korean celebs who are rumoured to have undergone surgery.

KARA, hospital
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