Golden Chicken SSS such a big hit, Sandra Ng makes extra long version for V-day

9 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu produced and starred in GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS, a film released during the Lunar New Year.

As of 7PM last night, GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS accumulated HK$30,120,679 at the box office, defeating the Chow Yun Fat film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU the Donnie Yen Chi Tan film THE MONKEY KING.

The former made 26 million and the latter 21.77 million, reports Hktopten.

Sandra Ng quickly leveraged on the momentum and reportedly filmed an "extra long version" at the Colearwater Bay Studio with Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Wyman Wong Wai Man and Michelle Wai Si Nga.

She plans to release the longer version on Valentine's Day to boost the box office hits further.

Ng Kwan Yu, Wong Yuen Chi, Wong Wai Man and Wai Si Nga last night appeared at the studio in their GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS costumes for the extra long version.

This time roung, Ng did not use her fake 38G chest.

Ng Kwan Yu pointed out that the film box office passed 30 million because viewers had fun watching it.

In addition, Wong Yuen Chi and Wong Wai Man were hilarious and left everyone wanting more. 

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