Go Jun Hee upset to find Jin Woon keeps 'traces' of his exes

15 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

For a girl in love, there's nothing worse than finding pictures, messages and gifts from an old flame in your boyfriend's home.For actress Go Jun Hee, her revelation was made all the worse for the fact it was show on television. According to a report on allkpop.com, she visited 2AM‘˜s Jinwoon‘˜s home on April 13th broadcast of MBC‘˜s ‘˜We Got Married.’During the broadcast, Jinwoon’s family talked about his ex-girlfriends who have visited their home. After finishing their meal, Go Jun Hee checked out Jinwoon’s room, where she became flustered after seeing various traces of his ex-girlfriends.After observing his past, Go Jun Hee told Jinwoon, “I suddenly don’t feel very good. Me coming to this home doesn’t hold any special meaning anymore.‘

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