G.Na 'robs' a bank -- by using her svelte body

2 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Singer G.NA joined tvN's 'SNL Korea' for its latest broadcast and brought plenty of laughs participating in various comedy sketches that were rated 19+ for a mature audience.

As G.NA is known to have a very glamorous figure, this was utilized as the topic for some of the sketches in which she took part, reported allkpop.

In the above video, G.NA becomes a sexy bank robber dressed in tight, black clothes and wielding a gun.

She holds one man captive at a time by tightly hugging them against her chest to which they have absolutely no complaints. In fact, the men were fighting for the honor of becoming her captive!

They all insist G.NA free the other captive and hold them hostage instead, while the hostages would insist they're perfectly fine where they are.

Jay Park, almost unrecognizable in his cop outfit, insists, "Let's make it two hostages. There are two spots after all" and Shin Dong Yup tries to fight him off to be the sole hostage.

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