G.NA cries when asked about her childhood

18 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

G.NA become emotional when talking about her difficult childhood and her relationship between herself and her mother, reports JPOPASIA.With her mother beside her, who was also a former swimmer on Korea's national swim team, G.NA revealed just how hard her childhood was. As her mother explained, "My husband passed away when G.NA was just six years old. Her grandmother and aunt raised her". The death of her father separated G.NA not only from her mother, but from her younger sister as well. Her mother would continue with "G.NA only got to spend the first six years of her life with me and that’s it".This separation left a very strong impression on the then young G.NA, to such a point that she still has one true goal in her life. "Whenever people ask me what is my dream, I always tell them that my dream is to get married and have many children. I want to live in a family, with my family".Also while on the show, MC Park Mi Sun read aloud a letter that G.NA wrote to her mother before debuting. While listening, G.NA broke into emotional sobs, and clutched the hand of her mother.Many netizens have flocked to support G.NA, stating that they feel for her pain and that they hope she can cheer up soon.

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