Girls, here's how you can get a sizzling hot body -- in just 4 weeks

28 June 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

28 June 2015
SHAPE Singapore

Look fab anytime, anywhere with our hot body workout. Hands up those who want to get toned!

We ask Juria Maree, coach and co-owner at Reebok Crossfit Enduro, and Milla Booth, fitness and training manager of Reebok Asia Pacific to recommend exercises that prime your body for any scenario - like running after a bus or tottering in your heels.

Here, Milla demonstrates five moves that develop the muscles you use in everyday activities (we've included five such scenarios).

"These target the entire body and you can use just your body weight if you're a beginner, or add on free weights as you get stronger," says Juria.

Now try them, and flaunt your hot new body in a month!

How it works

For each exercise, apply the Tabata training method (high-intensity interval training that lasts only four minutes): First, do as many repetitions as possible for 20 seconds without losing the proper form. Then take a 10-second break. Repeat 8 times.

You'll need:

A speed rope, a 25- to 50cm-high box (make sure it's sturdy), one 8-16kg kettlebell and a barbell.

See the galley below for the workout routines.

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