Girl's Day members speak up about their no-dating rule

22 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Recently, Girl’s Day spoke up about their no-dating policy that their agency had forced them to follow.

According to an article in Oh K Pop, back in February, Minah appeared on MBC’s “Idol Star Track and Archery Competition.‘

There she won the high-jump contest and asked, “Hyeri is now over 20 years old, can’t we do something about our ‘˜no-dating’ policy?‘

On Monday (March 18), the Girl’s Day members opened up about the touchy subject.

They stated in an interview, “There is no mention about the time period for the no-dating policy or about what is or not allowed. We haven’t heard anything directly, we just know we are not allowed to date, period.‘

They also mentioned their curfew, “We also have a curfew of 12am.‘ Then the girls added, “Our agency doesn’t allow us to date but we don’t really have other problems. Our dormitory situation has become a lot better and now we don’t have any issues.‘

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