Girl or boy? Jay Chou tells you what kid he hopes to have by next year

6 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Taipei - Jay Chou could be be a first-time dad by next year if things go his way.

The singer, who is linked to model Hannah Quinlivan, has said he would wed before his 36th birthday on Jan 18.

On Thursday, Chou, an only child, told reporters he hoped to have a boy next year to continue his family lineage.

At a promotional event in Taipei, the paparazzi-hater even said he would like to emulate celebrities abroad in allowing photographers to snap pictures of the child when he is out carrying the baby on his back or wheeling a pram.

"Hope to experience the feeling of being a good father," said Chou who has had altercations with the press.

He would not mention the 20-year-old Quinlivan by name but said, "Not bad having a young wife."

He said he has not started planning the wedding.

Source: ST Communities

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