George Clooney was disinvited from Comic Con -- because of his nipples

16 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago


Oscar winner George Clooney was the surprise guest at New York Comic Con to promote his new movie, People magazine reported.

Clooney, 53, who got married to lawyer Amal Alamuddin, 36, on Sept 27 in Venice, was greeted by loud cheers when he walked on stage.

He quipped: "It is not lost on me that I am spending my honeymoon" at Comic Con.

Poking fun at his much derided turn playing superhero Batman with nipples in Batman & Robin (1997), he joked: "I think since my Batman, I was disinvited from Comic Con."

New York Comic Con is an annual convention which started in 2006 and is dedicated to comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies and television. In recent years, Hollywood has increased its presence at the convention with stars and directors appearing at the convention to promote their latest releases.

In the sci-fi adventure, Tomorrowland, Clooney plays a mysterious failed inventor who joins a young girl (Britt Robertson) to discover the secrets of an idyllic place. The film is directed by Brad Bird, whose films include Ratatouille (2007), The Incredibles (2004) and The Simpsons (1989).

Clooney said Bird "has a beautiful vision of the film he wants to make," adding "it was fun for all of us to play in this giant toy box with him."

The actor proved to be a good sport when panel host Chris Hardwick ribbed him about his "excellent Bruce Wayne cosplay."

Business Insider, a US technology and business news website, gave an account of their exchange:

"I think since my Batman I was disinvited to Comic Con," joked Clooney.

Hardwick: "No one would say that ... out loud."

Clooney: "Oh, but you're saying it. I see the comments' sections on all you guys ... I met Adam West back there just now and I was like, 'Hey, I'm really sorry.' He goes, 'Give me a fist bump' and I was, 'Just hit me. Just hit me." West, 86, is best known for playing Batman on television in the 1960s.

"Sorry about the nipples on the suit," Clooney added.

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