Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao caught sharing intimate moment in airport

7 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao were caught kissing and cuddling up at the airport in Beijing.

According to a report on Oriental Daily via Asian Pop News, Mark took time off from his filming schedule and spent the new year with Yuanyuan.

While sending Mark off at the airport, Yuanyuan could not bear to bid farewell to him. She was seen stretching her hands to ask a hug from her boyfriend. Although Mark was looking cautiously around, he could not resist her gentleness and finally gave her a passionate kiss before his departure.

Although the love birds were dressed in their winter clothing and conceal their faces with masks, they were still spotted by the eagle-eyed fans.

29-year-old Mark and 34-year-old Yuanyuan opened up on their relationship after they were caught dating in 2012.

Last month, there were also rumours that Yuanyuan was pregnant and the couple had plans to tie the knot soon. The couple has dismissed the rumours.

This is not the first time the couple has flaunted their affections in public. Whenever they have any spare time, they would not hesitate to fly off and visit each other on the film set.

Yuanyuan has also declared her love for Mark openly. When asked which other Taiwanese actor she was fond of, Yuanyuan replied, “The second and the third one has to be Mark. Even the 100th one will still be Mark Chao!”

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