Gan Lulu's mum hits her on television after verbal spat turns ugly

18 October 2013 / 3 years 4 days ago

It seems Gan Lulu and controversy are always two elements that come together after she attracted the wrong headlines yet again -- this time for her squabble with her mother while on a television programme, which led to the latter hitting her there.

Since bursting out onto the scene no thanks to her mother uploading video of her in the buff in a bid to find a partner for her, Gan has also found herself in the spotlight after a bikini photoshoot with her sister went wrong, while she also attracted scrutiny after a hug with a male fan got too strong it threw both of them to the ground.

According to a report, the pair were engaged in an quarrel when a red mist descended upon Gan's mother, who was described as being in a foul mood while on screen, as she got physical with her daughter and hit her.

What transpired almost immediately after was unusual for Gan dealt with the issue by proclaiming amid the beating: "The reason why my mum's hitting me is because she loves me".

The report also claimed that the pair got mad at each other under the nudging of a fellow on-screen guest, which resulted in filming getting halted numerous times.

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