Gan Lu Lu's mum: 'I don't think I'm exploiting my daughters'

4 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Despite her questionable parenting methods, Chinese stage mum Lei Bing Xia, 50, mother of model-actress Gan Lu Lu, does not think she's a bad mum.

According to an article in The New Paper, in February 2011, Madam Lei, the mother of busty Chinese model-actress Gan Lu Lu, 27, had barged into the bathroom, filmed her daughter showering and uploaded the video online.

The video went viral in China and hogged headlines around the region.Madam Lei, who was in Singapore with Lu Lu and her younger daughter, aspiring starlet Gan Mao Mao, 24, for the opening of Club Lava at Chijmes last Saturday, told The New Paper in an interview before the event: “It was a worthwhile effort and I definitely did not regret doing it.

f not for my actions, Lu Lu will not be able to stand out among the countless Chinese actresses out there.

‘She does not think she is exploiting her daughters or pimping them out by “selling‘ them as sex objects to be leered at by men.

“My daughters’ bodies do not belong to them, nor to me. They belong to the public and to the fans.

Society needs us, and what we are doing is benefiting the entertainment industry,‘ she said.

“It’s a small sacrifice my daughters have to make.

‘She said: “What other people think of me and my family is up to them. As long as what we are doing does not, harm anyone around us, I don’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, I feel that I am making full use of my time rather than sitting around, playing mahjong and being a retired housewife.‘

The chatty woman, who is now Lu Lu’s manager, explained that Lu Lu had been trying to make it big in the Chinese entertainment industry for almost 10 years ‘“ since she was 18 ‘“ taking on bit roles and small endorsement gigs, but there was no breakthrough.

Madam Lei said in Mandarin: “My daughter needed only that one big news point to make headlines. I was simply taking a different route to get her into the news.

At that point, I told myself if the video works, it would be worth it. If it failed, then maybe it could help her find her future husband.‘

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