G-Dragon's GF criticised for posting obscene photo of woman online

18 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

The rumored girlfriend of G-Dragon, model Kiko Mizuhara was recently criticized by netizens for posting up a risque picture showing the groin of a woman who is only wearing underwear.

According to allkpop, Kiko also wrote on the post, "I'm in love with the Rainbow," puzzling the viewers of what she was trying to imply.

When the picture went viral with negative response from netizens, the model took to Twitter and reassured her fans that the picture was not of her but was, in fact, the work of a model-turned-photographer Lina Scheynius.

Lina Scheynius is known for capturing raw, candid, and unabashed nature of an intimate relationship in her photography.

Kiko wrote on Twitter, "There are people who think that this picture is obscene but I think there are people who get confused between eroticism and pornography."

She went on Tweeting, "The erotic magazines that you can find in convenience stores are pornography. I don't think any one side is right. Both sides have their pros. But I don't want to label someone as that and criticize saying that they are loose." 

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