Fugitive undergoes plastic surgery so he can attend idol Jay Chou's concert

21 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Main photo: JOYCE FANG, ST

A man desperately wanted to attend a Jay Chou concert, but there was just one problem -- he had been on the run from the police for 6 months.

Before It's News reports that the 23-year-old fugitive, identified as Hong from China, reportedly underwent plastic surgery so he could attend his favorite Chinese pop singer's concert without being recognized.

However, his plan did not go as planned and he was captured by police at the Hefei Railway Station just after the concert.

Hong is a big fan of Jay Chou, and had been planning to go to the concert in Hefei for a long time. However, during an argument, he assaulted his neighbor and fled from the scene. He ran from police before they were able to arrest him on charges of assault.

Hong was afraid of being identified by a black mole below the right eye, so he underwent plastic surgery to have his mole removed and to change his looks.

After he left the concert, officers asked for his ID and he was arrested. Hong said he was happy that he was able to sit through the entire performance.

He asked police for permission to keep the concert ticket as a souvenir in jail.

The gallery below shows Jay Chou and his girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan.

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