From frumpy to svelte: Park Bom's transformation shocks fans

19 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

When Park Bom attended a VIP screening event with other 2NE1 members, her looks drew much attention as looked completely different as compared to a few months back. At the event, Park Bom wore a black leather jacket with short pants, and showed off her thin and beautiful legs.Her chubby cheeks also seem to have disappeared and her face appeared to be smaller than before.According to an article in Daily Kpop News, some quickly spread that she had undergone plastic surgery and that something was done to her face to make it look neater and younger. Some fans even shared Park Bom's old photos to justify she really did plastic surgery in the past.However, some fans responded to that rumour, "It's just her effective diet and exercise, not plastic surgery", "Why you guys so serious at plastic surgery", "She is pretty all time for me", etc.Photos 1 to 7 show Park Bom's old photo, while photos 8 to 11 show her with her new, slim body. Other photos in the gallery show Korean stars who look vastly different when they were younger, as well as stars rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery.

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