Francis Ng and Hunan TV reach an amicable settlement over son's eye injury

27 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Image: Hong Kong actor Francis Ng Chun-yu and his son Feynman attend a children's garment conference in Beijing on May 23, 2015. [Photo:CFP]

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng Chun-yu and Hunan TV have reached an amicable settlement over his son's eye injury.

Ng apologized for his furious behavior at a children's garment conference, reports CRI English News.

"I apologize for what I dide on that day. It's just really hard for me when I first heard the conclusion of permanent damage. The general condition of my son's sight is acceptable now and he will undertake an eye exam in September."

When asking about the relation with Hunan TV, Ng says he appreciated the network's attitude.

"The relation between us is still very good. I want to express my thanks to them, because I heard they have worked on this overnight. And a high-ranking official of the network has come to Beijing to cooperate with us. They really spent a lot of time on this. Again I want to say thank you to them."

Ng's son, 7-year-old Feynman suffered an eye injury while shooting Hunan TV's reality show 'Daddy, Where Are We Going?' in New Zealand last September.

The boy has suffered permanent damage.

On Tuesday, Ng expressed frustration during the premiere of his new film 'Love without Distance' in Beijing, saying it's totally unacceptable that his boy hasn't received insurance compensation in the past year.

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